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Vivasan Academy offers an array of personalized services, concepts and training sessions tailored to get your success with Vivasan.
Vivasan Academy is proud that most of the VIVASAN products gained customers confidence and became the leading brand in several countries.

Nowadays Vivasan is one of the most successful and fast growing companies in the world.

This provides us with a strong platform to expand our business and to implement new growth opportunities for our distributors and business partners.


• Our main purpose is to bring people closer to nature by becoming the most attractive business partner within supply of Vivasan wellness products.


• We are committed to offer our customers wellness products of the highest quality and the most innovative products by combining customer preferences with our knowledge, researches and know-how

• We create value to our business partners by cost effectiveness and flexibility

• We offer life-changing quality products, technologies and concepts that allow people to improve their health and well-being.

Pure nature – High Swiss quality – Your health, beauty and success” is more than just a slogan.
It is the cornerstone of VIVASAN ACADEMY.

  • VIVASAN ACADEMY offers education, training and support with a wide variety of topics and guide participants through series of seminars, webinars, workshops and individual training sessions.
  • You get possibility to enrich your knowledge about VIVASAN products, health, wellness, beauty and business.
  • You get an opportunity to participate in special entertainment events and the opportunity of networking with people with related interests.

Become part of the success of VIVASAN.
Join one of the most successful and fastest growing companies – become distributor with Vivasan Academy to get your success.











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  3. You will receive an e-mail from us with the address of the nearest Vivasan official centre.
  4. After you have purchased your start up kit with 5 products, you will get more information from us by e-mail.


  • Personal discount card
  • There are no more obligations
  • No hidden costs
  • No costly investment
  • You will get support
  • Everybody are welcome

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