VIVASAN Swiss made products stand for the highest quality standards in the World.

VIVASAN Swiss made products enjoy a high level of respect and popularity. “Swissness” brings to your mind “a healthy, well-ordered and efficient world”.

“Swissness” is a synonym for innovation, exclusive products and excellent services.

Despite market pressure and trends, VIVASAN always focus on the quality and put your health first.

 All VIVASAN products are:
– natural and based on herbs
– free from hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients
– hypoallergenic, i.e. contain no allergenic substances
– highly concentrated, free from fillers and economical
– no animal-testing
– good for all age groups
– a wide spectrum of external and internal products
– have long-lasting effects for the body


Harmony with nature, effective formulae, long-standing experience and up-to-date biotechnologies are the basis of the success of VIVASAN products.

Swiss Quality Vivasan:

VIVASAN stands for: Made in Switzerland, Swiss Members, Swiss Quality and tradition, Responsibility and reliability, Exacting production standards, Research and development, Reputable brands.

The completely quality control production chain from the growing of plants, GMP certified extraction and production in Switzerland under supervision of the Swiss Health Authorities (Swissmedic).

SWISS GUARANTEE COS – label guarantees that what the customer buys is indeed made in Switzerland.


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