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Vivasan’s success is global. Vivasan Academy has made strategic partnerships, based on the Vivasan business system and academic insight inspired by intellectual curiosity and interest in the advantages of direct sales.
Through modern technology Vivasan Academy extends its global activities by providing our partners and distributors a thoroughly education program and support, including distance education – webinars.
All training sessions will be followed with an online test and diploma.

Explore your qualifications – get your route to your success with Vivasan.

Module 1. Vivasan distributor

An education module based on 6 training webinar sessions, followed by an online test.
Get insight in the direct sales concept, Vivasan Business system, Leaders Portal and ways of success with Vivasan.

Type of education: 6 training sessions in form of webinar or seminar
Requirement: no
What to get: you get a good start to build your own structure and earn with Vivasan

Successful completion leads to access to undergraduate study in other modules.

Module 2. Vivasan business consultant

Extend your business possibilities with Vivasan. An education module based on several webinar training sessions, personal consultations and practical activities.

Type of education: 10 training sessions in form of webinar or seminar + workshop
Requirement: module 1.
What you get:
– general skills to increase your earning opportunities with Vivasan.
– improve your communication, coaching, presentation, influence and negotiating skills.
– get knowledge to plan your entrepreneurial activity, how to find the best business models and get a more scaleable future to succeed in the long-term.
– learn how to expand your customer base, use social media to grow your business, how to make well-performed presentation, how to retain new distributors and to work with the existing customers.

Module  3. Vivasan product consultant

Get a simplified access to knowledge about products and application, including insight in the legislation and promotions.

Type of education: 10 training sessions in form of webinar or seminar + workshop
Requirement: module 1 and/or module 2
What you get:
– general insight in Vivasan products within the following product categories: hair care, hair coloring, aromatherapy, perfumery, dietary supplements, therapeutical products, healthy foods, foot care, products for home and pets
– learn how to make well-performed presentations to improve your earnings with Vivasan

Module 4: Biopulsar Vivasan consultant

Training courses in the use of the Biopulsar system, interpretations and consultation, including the Viva Party concept.

Type of education: 10 training sessions in form of webinar or seminar + personal training sessions
Requirement: module 2 and module 3
What you get:
You get license to use Biopulsar.
You learn how to work with Biopulsar, how to extend your earnings with the Biopulsar Vivasan concept.

One-session webinars

Update you  knowledge, expand your skillset and taste more success with the upcoming webinars from our professional training team.

Requirements: membership
Topics: business, products, biopulsar and more.
Schedule: 1-hour webinars





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