Biopulsar – Vivasan is significant innovative possibilities for your business with a successful Viva Party concept.

Vivasan-Biopulsar – in collabration with the leading German company, Auramed GmbH, and leading Swiss scientific laboratories, Vivasan has developed an innovative method  of diagnostics and complete preventive treatments with VIVASAN products.

Biopulsar-Reflexograph is a proven research tool and is certified as a medical diagnostic device in Europe, Australia, Canada and many other countries.

The device is manufactured in Germany and certified according to ISO standard 13485.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph biofeedback-system is a modern, multifunctional diagnosis-device for the PC, based on the reflex zones biofeedback of the palm and fingers. Using the reflex zones biofeedback, a trained advisor can present profound results about the bio-energetic field (the aura), about the quality of the life-energy of the distinct organ zones as well as of the organic network, and about causes of disturbing fields.

VIVASAN ACADEMY offers a multifaceted program of seminars to support practical work combined with techniques of analysis and improvement.


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  VIVASAN-Biopulsar module includes:

  • Full bioenergetic preventive care diagnostics
  • Fast, intuitive and detailed analysis of biofeedback from 43 reflex zones
  • Analysis of the interference fields and centers of pain
  • Definition of allergy and hypersensitivity
  • Testing for allergies and tolerability of drugs, food supplements and other products
  • Analysis of the aura
  • Complete preventive treatment program with VIVASAN products

VIVASAN-Biopulsar extra:

  • Provide the possibility of using standard Windows printer when printing and mailing function
  • Saving measurements function
  • Operates in several languages, the number of languages is continuously increasing
  • Can be adopted to different countries’ requirements
  • Software and product assortments are updated continuously; the latest products and scientific discoveries are incorporated in the treatment program





  • Training section in use of Biopulsar
  • Training of the use of Vivasan products
  • The concept Viva Party
  • Technical Support (during the first months of use)







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