Sanotint lightening kit  – how to use. Recommendations

– Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo, as shampoo Sanotint or Vitasan. Do not use conditioner after washing.

– Dry your hair.

– Empty one packet of the lightning agent into a plastic or glass bowl. (Do not use metal bowl to avoid a dangerous chemical reaction).

– Pour the contents of one container with activator into the bowl and stir thoroughly using a plastic or glass spatula or plastic applicator brush.

– Let the mixture cure for a few minutes. Once the texture of the mixture is smooth and no longer gritty, it is ready to use.

– Apply the mixture to your dry hair with a plastic applicator brush.

– Let the mixture remain on your hair for up to 30 minutes depending on the shade you would like to achieve. Leaving it on for 10 minutes will bring your hair to a reddish hue. In 15 minutes, it will be orange, and in 20 minutes, yellow orange. Leaving it for the full 30 minutes will bring it to yellow or platinum.

– Wash your hair completely with cool water, removing the lightening mixture.

– At last, condition your hair with the restructuring balm provided in the kit.


– Sanotint lightening kit can also be used to lighten superfluous, unwanted facial hair.

– Sanotint lightening kit allows you to obtain natural reflections and highlights tone on tone, or when combined with Sanotint Hair Colour, you can obtain a lighter shade.

– Sanotint lightening kit is ideal for obtaining brighter reds when applied before red hair colouring.

– It is also possible with Sanotint lightening kit to lighten an existing hair colour application where the results were too dark.

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