Eco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan

Eco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan AcademyEco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan Academy

Eco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan


Phosphate and formaldehyde-free. Eco label EU
Swiss Quality Vivasan


Eco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan – provides long-lasting cleanliness and a fresh scent. 

Eco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan is effective against grease and dirt on all smooth surface. For quick and efficient cleaning with pleasant natural fresh scent. The concentrated kitchen cleaner Viva Clean contains surfactants from plants with very good biodegradability. Phosphate and formaldehyde-free. The package is made from recyclable materials.
Product is good for sinks, bathtubs, tiles, kitchen furniture and floors with long-lasting cleanness.
Concentrate Vivasan is very concentrated: equal to 750 ml Eco Kitchen Cleaner Spray Vivasan.

Whether you’re doing cleaning your kitchen, choose Vivasan natural products that are better and safer for you and the environment.

It’s easy to keep your kitchen clean using Eco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan

EU eco label
economical use because of the high concentration

bulk sizes and great value
long-lasting cleanness and fresh scent
recycle package
less than 5% anionic tensides, natural scents

more than 15 years experience in product development

Save your money and protect environment – healthy life and healthy planet with Vivasan

Put 6 capsfuls of Concentrate Vivasan in 750 ml Viva Clean spray bottle and fill spray bottle with water.

Do not mix Eco Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate Vivasan with other cleaning agents.
Use the correct dosage to save money and protect environment
Storage: store only in original container
Keep out of reach of children

EU Ecolabel
500 ml

Viva Clean Vivasan


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