Mastic tree

Pistacia lentiscus

Mastic tree or Pistacia lentiscus, also called: entisk; mastic, evergreen pistache. It is anevergreen shrub or small tree, which is cultivated for its aromatic resin.

Mastic tree is native throughout the Mediterranean region. The aromatic, ivory-coloured resin, also known as mastic, is harvested as a spice from the cultivated mastic trees grown in the south of the Greek island. Mastic resin from pistacia lentiscus is a relatively expensive. Mastic gum is principally used either as a flavouring or for its gum properties, as in mastic chewing gum. Mastic oil has antibacterial, antifungal and medicinal properties. A balm was created from the mastic tree resin for use by physicians in Biblical times.

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