Illumiscin – illuminates Skin by Eliminating Age Spots

Illumiscin ® is effective against age spots and provides illuminated, even-toned skin.

A balanced composition of Oleuropein, stabilised Vitamin C and Zinc PCA comprehensively combats the two pigments responsible for the occurrence of age spots, Melanin and Lipofuscin. This formulation produces a low-viscosity gel with age spot reduction, refreshing, and soothing benefits.

Illumiscin prevents the formation of age spots. Moreover it reduces the size of existing age spots and diminishes their contours. The skin tone is evened out, and the skin looks radiant again. The application of that ingredient for the treatment of age spots is patented, RAHR AG. Read  more at

Scientifically proven effects:

• Activates the proteasome (in-vitro study)
• Prevents the formation of lipofuscin (in-vivo study)
• Reduces the size and contour contrast of age spots (in-vivo study)
• Promotes depigmentation and prevents repigmentation of age spots (in-vivo study)

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