Interview with the president of VIVASAN -Thomas Göttfried

Interviewer is Peter Jørgensen, director Vivasan.Dk.

5. Apr. 2014, Aarhus, Denmark

Thomas Göttfried, it is a great pleasure to meet you in Denmark.
You are the founder and president of one of the most fast growing companies in the world: VIVASAN.
What is special about Vivasan and Vivasan products?

– Thank you, that I am here in Denmark and I am very happy to stay here.

We have today our seminar in Aarhus.

What I want to say about Vivasan.

The most special about Vivasan: The first – we are a company with many highly skilled people in whole of our structure -We are working in direct marketing, if we can say these words.

The second, and that is the most important, are our products.

Our products are very effective and they are very healthy for people.

And over the last 17 years we got a lot of very good experience and results. People are very happy with Vivasan products.

Vivasan is very well-known for its essential oils, which are of high professional quality. What is the reason for its special popularity for essential oils?

– The essential oils are the basis of all our products. We have plantations in South America, in Brazil, and a lot of plants we get from there, or from France and ex-Yugoslavia.

The most important thing is that essential oils are the raw material.

Essential oils is the power of nature, and you can use it pure as essential oils or you can use it in our products too. In cosmetic industry, or in food supplement industry, you have only two most important issues: the raw material and the production itself. But the raw material is the most important. Raw material should be clean. Raw material can be extracts, essences or aroma oils.

All this together must be of high quality. And if the raw material is of high quality then you can assume that the products have a high quality.

– The quality of Vivasan products is very high.But how do you manage to sell these products at lower prices? Normally high quality products have very high prices when I go to the shops, but Vivasan have lower prices?

– It is special of Vivasan company. The first is – I have explained already, we have our plantation. So we can control the product there. The herbs are growing up and how to make from these herbs the oils and extracts what we need. The second point is we have our own factories in Switzerland. That is very important. Vivasan has its own factories in Switzerland.

Vivasan own three of them in Switzerland. And this is in our company. The next point is, we are selling directly to the consumer. We have a lot of specialists in Vivasan more than 300 thousand worldwide and a lot of consumers worldwide. So we do not have wholesales in between them.

We are producing and delivering directly to the consumer. So a lot of stages between production and consumer we do not have in our company. And so we can sell the products with the high quality much more cheaper than in other companies.

Economists predict that in the future even more companies will use that kind of marketing system that you sell directly to the consumers. Do you think it is a threat to Vivasan business when other companies also use the same kind of direct distribution channels?

– No, it is good for us. Look, we have this business marketing system since 17 years ago and we got a lot of experiences and value.

It will come a time when nobody will look to the advertising companies. Or in advertising in TV or to advertising in newspapers. And today it is fact: People who are spending af lot of money, in mass market for instance, perhaps Red Bull or Coca Cola, they spend a lot of money on advertising on TV. They do not do this now. They are sponsoring sport events and so on. Because people they do not like to see the advertising in TV. You know, everybody knows it.

Our point or our direction to business is a little bit another. We are selling directly via social contacts, networks over internet, we are using internet as our platform, our customers get direct access to the company, what means they get information about our company, and they have access to our company.

I am the president of the company and I have many seminars all over the world each year. I am living in the airplane, not at home. And this is one kind of marketing. People can see me, people can speak with me, I get direct knowledge of the customers preferences. It is different from other companies.

Vivasan is a marketing company. And why I am not afraid of competitors: Because everybody has to look for his niche. Everybody has to look for his clients, for his consumers. You can not sell to everybody. But everybody wants Vivasan or everybody wants another company. You must find this niche. You can just do this only within our directly marketing.

Today, in this seminar in Denmark, you are going to talk about the Vivasan business system. Can you shortly tell some main thing, what it is about?

– When we speak about our company: On one part we have our consumers, and I can see the consumers are already with our company 1, 15 or 16 years, it means, we are not looking for people who are buying one time a product from us and then we forget them. No, this we do not need.

We take care of the people. We do not press them. It is clear. We are a honest company. They found us and we are speaking with them. And we try to answer all these questions. To make this in a professional way, they must have a Vivasan business system. A business system that everybody understands who wants to take part in our business.

Because Vivasan gives people opportunity. Opportunity to buy the product, to feel well, to make health care and so on. But we give the people yet another opportunity to make business. No investment. With no investment. This is most important. Because everybody thinks in direct marketing, well in business in general, they have to invest a lot of money, or perhaps people will cheat me and so on.

In Vivasan we do not have this problem. No investment. If you want to take part in the business, what you have to do is only listen and to think over, is this for me a way I want to go, is it a way where I am going to earn money. This is a decision of the people. And the business system is nothing else as a schedule, as a picture, and in this picture you see how you have to act, what you have to do, and which steps you have to go to be successful. This is an instruction manual for success. I think this is the best way how to say.

What are the main reasons for Vivasan’s popularity, nearly worldwide, I mean, Vivasan is now working in 28 countries, there are thousands of distributors, I guess millions of consumers and the numbers are going up each year. What is the main reason for this?

– Look, you have to be honest. This is the first important point. You can never sell a bad product. A product that is not working in this way what you are promising. A lot of companies forgot to think in this way. This is the first.

The second step: You have to be honest to the people. You can not promise people gold, as we in Austria say gold mountains. You see, you go these steps and you will get this or this. And this I can promise you, and this I can guarantee you. And yourself, you can decide, do I want this or do I not want this.

This means, product and business, you must be honest to your business partners and you must be honest to your consumers. And if the consumers understand: I bought this product, I get this effect. Then they begin to speak. In a good way. They begin speaking with their neighbors, with their relatives, whatever, with their friends. They begin to speak. Everytime when they to speak about something. And if you are honest so they speak good things about us.

– Thomas, thank you for your explanation and excellent products.
Good luck and health to you.