Marketing plan Vivasan focuses you on the creation of a serious business, namely the construction of a powerful structure.

VIVASAN marketing plan provides everyone a real chance of success.

Marketing plan Vivasan – you can build your structure in breadth and depth as well. At each stage you get a decent reward for your work. You build a business for the future, and already in the beginning have the first income. People are not willing to wait, it is important for them to have income already today to live and gradually build the business. When building a small working structure a distributor has the opportunity to leave his/her old job and devote more time to work within VIVASAN. Only such a marketing plan Vivasan provides such an opportunity.

Discount card Vivasan
Vivasan Discount Card gives you up to 17 % OFF any product any time at any of our branches. You buy any 5 products at retail price and get your discount card for free. No more obligations.

Presents for new membership in Vivasan
New Vivasan members are granted with presents (creams of 15 ml) for the purchase of the first 5 products (for registration):

Market price, CHF Creams Vitasan (15 ml)
 75 CHF Viva Activ cream Vitasan, Tea Tree Cream Vitasan
90 CHF Viva Activ cream Vitasan, Tea Tree cream Vitasan, Foot cream Vitasan, Thyme cream Vitasan
110 CHF Viva Activ cream Vitasan, Tea Tree cream Vitasan, Foot cream Vitasan, Thyme cream Vitasan, Calendula cream Vitasan, Juniper cream Vitasan


Viva Party presents

Sales CHF Presents (ps)
50-150 CHF and more 1
150-300 CHF and more 2
300 CHF and more 3


Vivasan members get several types of remuneration

  • Profit from direct sales – 30%*
  • Motivation bonus (encouragement for recommendation) – 30%*
  • Bulk discount 4-21%
  • Start bonus – 2-4 % of personal turnover of the 1st line
  • Group bonus – 2-3 % of personal turnover of the 2nd line
  • Bonus for the depth of the structure – 2% of personal turnover of the 3rd line
  • VIVASAN bonus 4%
  • Manager bonus – 1%
  • Development bonus – 1%
  • V.I.P. bonus – 1%

Profit from direct sales

Your profit from product sale is 30% (* surcharge on the distributor price) – it is the difference between the recommended selling price and the price at which you purchase products from the company. VIVASAN respects each distributor’s right of choice – he chooses his own way to work. Therefore a significant profit from private sales is provided.

Motivation bonus (encouragement for recommendation) – is 30%* from 5 products, which are purchased by new customer of the company at retail prices while concluding the contract. This is the way the company thanks you for the recommendation. The advantage of VIVASAN marketing plan is that it does not matter whether a new customer is going to do business or simply be a consumer: By registration of the contract with a new Vivasan member, everyone has the opportunity to get a gift!

Bulk discount

Bulk discount is your monthly remuneration, which is defined as a percentage (4-21%) of the turnover of your structure, including your personal turnover for a calendar month. Bulk discount is paid to each distributor during the following month in accordance with the scheme of discount payments established by the company.

Accumulated Bulk Discounts (in CHF)

Level Individual and group purchase pr month, CHF Bulk Dicount %,
7 More than 6000 21 in cash
6 3300-5999 19 in cash
5 1900-3299 14 in cash
4 1000-1899 12,5 in cash
3 600-999 10
2 200-599 6
1 50-199 4


Start bonus – calculated and based on the personal net turnover of all members of the first line of your structure and makes – 2-4% (depending on group turnover) 

Group bonus – calculated and based on the personal net turnover of all members of the second line of your structure and makes 2-3% (depending on group turnover)

Bonus for the depth of the structure – calculated and based on the personal net turnover of all members of the third line of your structure, and makes 2% (depending on group turnover) 

Individual, CFH Discount  % Discount % Discount % Discount %
60 6 2 0 0
60 10-12,5 4 2 0
60 14 4 3 0
60 19-21 4 3 2

Bulk discount, bonuses, motivation bonus (encouragement for recommendation)
right from the beginning of building your own organization. It allows you to receive an income from its activities.

VIVASAN bonus 4 % or 1,5 %
You have the right to receive Vivasan bonus of 4%, if at least one group of your structure reached the highest bulk discount of 21%, while the total net turnover of the other groups of your structure have at least 30% of the net turnover of the strong 21% group (but not less than 6000 points per month).
If the total group net turnover of the other groups did not reach 30% of the turnover of 21% group, but was not less than 6000 points, you will receive a VIVASAN bonus of 1.5% of the group net turnover of your 21% group.

Manager Bonus and Development Bonus
This is another important phase of business development. If at least two groups in your structure have reached a bulk discount of 21%, and the total turnover of the weaker 21% group plus the other groups make at least 30% of the turnover of 21% group, you have the right to receive Manager Bonus and Development Bonus.

When developing your organization and moving up the career ladder your income is significantly increasing not only because of the structure turnover increases, but also because of new bonuses. If you have reached the rank of V.I.P Director, you get a V.I.P.bonus of 1% of the turnover of your 21% groups.

Motivation programs (seminars, competitions, promotions)
Since the signing of the contract with the VIVASAN company you are entitled to participate in all motivational programs conducted by the company. You can earn a monetary reward as well as prizes and gifts. Such motivational programs are a powerful work incentive. They are aimed at increasing trade turnover as well as structure development.

Travel fund program
The travel fund program is motivational. Each VIVASAN distributor, regardless of rank and date of signing of the contract has the right to participate in programs of the travel fund. The ones who have complied with the provisions of the program receive a gift traveling voucher from the company for two persons to different countries.
Once a year, the company invites distributors to participate in an international seminar. Such a possibility is offered to every distributor who has completed the conditions of the summer motivational program.

Equitable distribution of profits – interests of all participants are taken into account
When analyzing the VIVASAN marketing plan, it is easy to see that there is a real opportunity to earn money. Such distribution of profit among all participants in the business allows the consideration of all customer interests. A beginner, entering into a business, receives remuneration literally from is first steps. Income from sales, bulk discounts, start bonus and motivational bonus are interesting for newcomers. The ones, who already made ​the first steps and begin to build their structure, will feel a good boost from the group bonus and structure depth bonus. At this stage, the percentage of bulk discounts will increase.
Anyone who came into the business of MLM for its main advantage – residual income – will be especially pleased with VIVASAN bonuses. It is really a pension, insurance and royalties.
And for the ones always willing to go forward with an unlimited financial perspective, of course, will turn their attention to the VIP bonus, which will provide an opportunity to multiply their income and make their career.

Rapid career growth and wage growth
When building your business with marketing plan Vivasan, you will find how fast you can grow and increase your income. Your career growth and income growth depends on your invested work. A serious attitude to your own business will allow you to quickly achieve success and, most importantly, continue to grow and develop the business.

Easy entry into the business
It is easy to enter the business: it is only necessary to purchase 5 products of your own choice. In addition, the new distributor has an opportunity to get a gift from the VIVASAN Company when concluding the contract and purchasing the first set of products.

The use of all levels when calculating a bulk discount
Vivasan pays bulk discount for all the distributor’s work, regardless of which level they are. This allows developing your structure depth and generate income not only from your own efforts, but also from the work of subordinate distributors.

The absence of a mandatory monthly personal volume
To obtain your part of the profits from the total income it is not necessary to perform any qualification as it is accepted in other companies. Regardless of whether you have a personal turnover or not, you are entitled to bulk discounts and VIVASAN bonuses. This proves once again the relevance and demand for VIVASAN products. There is no need to force a distributor to make a required purchase of products that tend to lead to overstocking. VIVASAN products are in great demand not only among own distributors but also among customers with discounts, which constitute a large percentage of the total number of distributors.

Unlimited financial perspectives
The marketing plan Vivasan gives a unique opportunity to achieve incredible success in building and developing your own business. The plan does not limit you in expanding the business and allows you to earn revenue from each new structure.

The possibility to calculate a long-term perspective
You can always plan your activities to achieve the desired result. Outlining the desired amount of your income, you can easily determine your plan to achieve the target. Having laid in the plan the amount of time and effort that you can spend, you will know how long to wait for the desired result. On the other hand, deciding for yourself when you want to come to the desired passive income, you can calculate how much work and hours should be used for this purpose. You can create your business plan due to the marketing plan Vivasan.

The right to inherit the business
If necessary, you can transfer ownership of a business which is formally incorporated into marketing plan Vivasan. This ensures that your labor is not in vain in any most extraordinary conditions.

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