FAQ – perfumes Ambiance. Why is the price of the perfumes Ambiance lower than other perfumes brands designed by Michael Förster?

Vivasan sells perfumes ambiance, as well as all other products, directly to our customers, cutting off all additional cost. Vivasan does not sponsor rich celebrities.
Traditionally resellers spend a bulk of money for advertisement in costly publications, tv-adds and pay millions for celebrities to promote their fragrances. Warehousing, and shop departments also add additional cost for perfumes. At the end the mark up may be up to 400 % and more. Customers pay for these costs.
Vivasan removes all extra costs and gives everybody the possibility to buy products of an exceptional quality at lower prices.

How long time Ambiance perfumes last on the body?

Perfumes Ambiance may last for some days, as they are rich with a high quality natural base note ingredients.
Still it may vary from person to person as fragrance duration also depends on the condition of skin and individual body chemistry.
Climate, environmental conditions also affect the duration of the fragrance on the body.
Note, that we are not aware of fragrance after we have worn it for a while, as we become used to it. The scent is still there and is noted by others.

How much perfume Ambiance would you advise to spray?

The general rule is: less is more. Fragrance should not be overpowered and announced. Fragrance should be discovered and cause pleasurable emotions.
Increased body temperature causes perfumes to expand and the scent becomes stronger. During winter the opposite holds true.
High temperature in summer and high humidity make the scent stronger. Use less perfumes: a single spray may be enough to feel comfortable.
During wintertime scent may be felt less and doses can be stronger.

What is the difference between essential oil Vivasan and Ambiance perfumes?

Essential oils Vivasan are extracted from different plants. Essential oils are very concentrated and usually should be diluted when used. Perfumes are created from a mixture of different essential oils, diluted in alcohol and can be applied directly on the skin. To say, essential oils are raw materials used to create perfumes.


Michael Förster with Vivasan distributers at the seminar

The famous perfume designer Michael Förster with Vivasan distributers at the seminar. 22 May 2016, Riga Latvia


What is the difference between cheap perfume and luxury perfumes Ambiance?

Perfumes Ambiance are created by a famous perfume designer, Michael Förster, an author of many exclusive collections, an artist with a great experience in developing special formula for scents. It took several years to create that special combination of fragrance. Exclusive perfumes means that they are designed for those who appreciate quality and wish to wear something distinctly bold or unique.
Cheap perfume usually have an “average” smell that is either sweet or light. One of the reasons is that the perfumes are cheap is that the perfumes last for a short time.
Perfumes Ambiance are made from hundreds of expensive, higher-quality ingredients, and are rich with middle and base notes (woody fragrances), providing several levels of fragrances and an enduring fragrance.
The best way to realize the difference is to test yourself. Spray cheap perfume of your choice on your skin. After a short time the cheaper perfume may smell bad or have no smell at all.
Try to wear perfume Ambiance. Enjoy the fantastic and sophisticated fragrance which develops over time, giving you style and more confidence.

Advise please, how to choose the right perfume. How do I find the right fragrance for me?

The designs of Ambiance perfume packages reflect in some way the character of the fragrance inside.
Lighter color indicates lighter and fresher aroma, where as darker colors recall to heavier and more sophisticated notes.
A good rule of thumb is that light, fresh and sweet fragrances are accepted by everybody, especially younger people. They can be most suitable for the warmer months and during daytime.
Dark colors usually indicate more bottom notes, more complex, exotic, and are especially appreciated by mature people, and better suited for the cold season or for the evening.
Still wearing perfumes is a very individual choice and depends of your own moods and the occasions. There are no absolute, no rules. From another side, because of differences in body chemistry, diet, skin type and body odors, perfumes may not smell exactly the same on different people.
The best way to test perfumes is to wear them for a while. Never take decision from the first spraying, just feel how they are on your skin after some hours, as the scent will develop over time.

How should I store my perfume? How long will an opened bottle of perfume last?

Ambiance perfume is designed in a spray-form bottle.
A spray form lets less air into the bottle and evaporates slower than a bottle with a cap, thus significantly prolonging perfumes properties.
If stored correctly perfumes may keep their properties for several years.
Extreme heat or cold may cause the fragrance to oxidize and extreme cold may upset the delicate combination of the oils and change their scent.
Therefore, keep the fragrances preferably in a cool (room temperature) and dry place and away from direct sunlight and heat sources (such as radiators).

What is better: to spray or to dab perfumes?

It is a very individual choice.
Ambiance perfume is designed in a spray-form bottle. It is more convenient to spray perfumes, it gives a more even distribution.

Should I spray perfume on the skin or on the clothes?

Usually perfumes should be sprayed on the skin. The oils of our skin dissolve and “hold” the scent molecules. The more oily skin you have, the longer it will last and the more intense the fragrance will be.
You may also spray on the clothes made of the natural fiber as linen, cotton, wool, apart from silks.
Perfumes Ambiance are rich on valuable aroma ingredients of base notes such as vanilla, amber, resins, oud/agarwood, musk, which are specially well retained in natural fibers.
One especially neat idea is to spray or add a fragrance touch of Ambiance perfume on your handkerchief, lingerie, wool scarf.

What is the right definition of Ambiance: Perfume, eau de perfume or fragrance?

Fragrance is a general term used for aromatic substances.
There are various kinds of fragrances. Different terms refer to the concentration of the aromatic oils in the alcohol base, reflecting quality and the longevity of fragrance.
The most common definitions of the fragrance, based on alcohol concentration are:

Eau fraiche (3% or less perfume oil), the most diluted version of fragrance
Eau de cologne (2 – 5% perfume oil)
Eau de toilette (4 – 10% perfume oil)
Eau de parfum (8 – 15% perfume oil)
Perfume or eau de parfum (15 – 25% perfume oil) is the most concentrated and expensive of all fragrance options.

Perfume and eau de parfum is usually the same term, meaning that the concentration of the aromatic oils is 15 – 25%. Sometimes the term perfume is used to describe more concentrated aromatic mixtures, thus creating a confusion. Fragrance Ambiance has 20% of aromatic oils. You can freely call fragrance Ambiance as perfume or eau de parfum.


Testing perfumes by Michael Förster

Testing perfumes by Michael Förster. 22 May, Vivasan seminar, Riga Latvia


Is it better to use perfumes Ambiance during the day than at night?

Generally the light fragrances are more suitable during daytime. More intense and deeper fragrances are best for the nighttime.
The color of the packing may give you an indication. Light and bright yellow are generally better for the daytime. Dark purple color may explicitly indicate to a nighttime fragrance. Dark green color may be optional. It depends also on the situation, time, season and your own preferences.

Is perfume Ambiance an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac means attraction. There are several studies showing that scent is one of the most powerful factors to attract a mate, even we are not aware about it. The sense of smell has deep connections to our emotions.
Wearing a fragrance make people more attractive since the sense of smell is actually our strongest sense.

Moreover, the sense of smell has deep connection to our memory. Wearing exclusive perfumes as Ambiance is a way of expressing yourself beyond the visual, making you more attractive, distinctive and memorable.

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting , said Christian Dior
Therefore one can definitely call perfume Ambiance as an aphrodisiac.

To which part of the body is it better to apply perfumes?

Usually it is recommended to apply on the warmest part of the body – to the pulse point, the cleavage area, at the temples, inside the wrist, behind the ears, behind the knees, the back of the neck, between the toes, ankles, and thighs.

Perfumes Ambiance Vivasan Switzerland by Michael Förster

Perfumes Ambiance Vivasan Switzerland by Michael Förster

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