– What is the difference between Sanotint Balsam and Sanotint Silk mask? Which product should I use? I am coloring my hair with Sanotint hair colors.

Sanotint Silk Masque /Sanotint Mancheta Seta is an intensive care product, improving hair condition (after the thermal and chemical treatment hair, severely damaged hair by UV-rays, hairloss)

When you are coloring your hair with Sanotint, I would recommend you to use Sanotint restructuring Balsam:
Balsam prolongs colors after the coloring treatments.

– Should I choice Sanotint shampoo for the specific hair type?
Definitely. Sanotint shampoos that are formulated for specific hair types are more specialized.

– For how long should I keep shampoo on my hair before washing it out?
For normal shampoo formulas meant for simple cleansing of the hair. You apply the shampoo, massage it, then rinse it away without a wait.
It is different for medicated shampoos with extracts from the medical plants (as Migliorin shampoo for hair loss and Sanotint shampoos).
These are supposed to be left on the hair for some period of time, for 3-5 minutes.


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