VIVASAN stands for
Made in Switzerland 
-Quality and tradition -Responsibility and reliability – Exacting production standards – Research and development – Reputable brands


Natural Ingredients
VIVASAN product expertise includes plant based body care products and nutritional formula products. VIVASAN cover everything from raw materials to finished products, including certified organic processing.

Swiss made
All products are manufactured in production facilities in Switzerland with the best choice of high quality products, well known attributes standing for “Swissness”. Therefore Vivasan products means uncompromising quality.

Good Manufacturing Practices Certified – the world highest quality control
All production processes and facilities are GMP-certified, it means thatVivasan products ensure quality standards through independent verification of processes, procedures and documentation.

VIVASAN has a long history of setting standards in quality manufacturing, with an unwavering commitment to supply our customers with innovative wellness natural products of uncompromising quality. Therefor Vivasan guarantees high quality.

VIVASAN continuously develop new products and devices and focus on markets lacking innovation. VIVASAN continuously updates the product line with new formulas and technologies, being the first to develop new products and devices backed by science.

Vivasan Swiss Cos

Unique Science-Based Formulas
VIVASAN focus many resources on research and development of products with the highest Swiss quality standards. Product development is based on unique science-based formulas in close collaboration with leading Swiss laboratories and recognized health experts from several countries.

Reasonable prices
The main peculiarity of Vivasan business is that the company limit marketing costs significantly and therefore lower prices to the absolute lowest in the market. Instead VIVASAN focus on continuous quality control, control of raw materials and continuous product/concept development.

Customer service
In addition, individual approach to the customer, personal consultations at a convenient time is one of the secrets of VIVASAN success.

Business System
Moreover, Vivasan has a well established and successful business system – proved over time. VIVASAN business system allows everybody to take part in the success of Vivasan. Therefor Vivasan guarantees you success.


Swiss Quality –  that’s what Vivasan stand for.
Swiss Quality – exactness, perfection, precision, diligence and thoroughness.




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