Transformational programs for business – alternative solutions for the development of your business

Alter – More than 8 years of practical experience in transformational programs in coaching, trainings, theater and psychology. Certified specialists in newest scalable methods.
The company is founded by Artem Bogdashin.

Alter’s mission is to accelerate the evolution of organization through qualitative change of corporate culture.
The company creates and carries out transformational programs which increase the level of self-awareness and motivation of employees, the emergence of efficient teams. Flexible teams aid timely realization of various and large-scale projects, thus allowing you to secure progressive, leading positions in your business.

Alter offers a unique original programs for different types of businesses. The company approachs your business process as a living organism with its every employee being above all an individual. During research process Alter analyzes the principles and specific aspects of your organization to create an independent model of interaction with employees which is fitted exactly for your needs.

 Unique original programs for different types of businesses:

Alter Prulse: The program is created for tuning the process of adaptation to new rhythms of work.

Special Programs: Additional programs of multifaceted development of thinking and leadership skills.

Alter Pulse allows to create efficient corporate culture shared on every level, based on respect, empathy, development, open-mindedness, involvement and support.

Teams face difficulties in their workflow which affect the result. These problems lead to delays, low quality products, unjustified expenses and lost profits. We create an environment for problem solving and efficient interaction


Special programs and services

  1. Design thinking – Systemic method of problem solving, product development and user-oriented services
  2.  Creative thinking – Combining creative and systemic approaches, thinking optimization, searching for new ideas for tactical, operational and strategic tasks
  3. Complex thinking – Finding new efficient ways of thinking, alternatives and systems for making the best available decisions
  4. Evolutionary leadership and emotional intelligence – Development of leadership skills and instruments for their use, understanding the nature of intellect, its advantages, increasing the level of one’s own emotions and empathy
  5. Coaching (group and individual) – Group collaboration, allowing to activate the potential of each employee and the whole team to achieve shared goals.
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