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Do you want to expand your business?
Vivasan Academy offers you a wide range of possibilities in different areas, as hairdresser, massage clinic, beauty & spa salon, aromatherapist, dietist and more.
Vivasan Academy may support your business development, your operating procedures, keep your business updated, provide advertisements and training sessions.

Start your own business

Are you dreaming of to start your own business?
Vivasan Academy provides you different business models, support your business start-up, ensuring low-risk and profitable business.
No experience is necessary as you will receive the training and support you need.
Your need to have enthusiasm, desire and online access.
Areas of business are very wide: beautician, aromatherapist, consultant leader and more.

Get an extra income

Do you want to get an extra income without any investment and no obligations? It is possible.
You do not need to have any experiences – you will get all nessesary support and training in the form of online webinars, seminars and personal consultations.
You do not need to sell anything – you will earn an extra income by guidance and recommendations.
You do not need to invest money – you only need access to internet.
Your background or education does not matter – all you need is enthusiasm and desire.

Are you ready to start well up with Vivasan Academy?

How to get started:

  1. Order a start up kit with only 5 products of your own choice from our catalog >
  2. Register online with your detailed information >
  3. You will receive an e-mail from us with the address of the nearest Vivasan official centre.
  4. After you have purchased your start up kit with 5 products, you will get more information from us by e-mail.
  • Personal discount card
  • There are no more obligations
  • No hidden costs
  • No costly investment
  • You will get support
  • All are welcome


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