Bio Cellulose mask is a New Generation skin care product

Bio cellulose face mask is one of the most popular trends in cosmeceuticals and skin care

Recently a lot of researches have been done to improve the effectiveness and comfort of the application of the face masks.

Bio cellulose masks

Many consumers have recognized beneficial effects of the bio cellulose mask and the demand for the face mask is growing.

Vivasan is one of the leading cosmeceutical companies, introducing a bio cellulose brand Ambiance for anti-wrinkle skin treatment, nouriching and hydrating the skin.

Unlike many other masks on offer Vivasan face masks are made from ultrafine natural bio cellulose, which has several advantages compared to the conventional non-woven fiber masks and wood pulp fiber masks.

Bio cellulose masks Ambiance by Vivasan Switzerland are fortified by a great combination of medical herbs. The bio cellulose mask Ambiance is an advanced skin care product that combines anti-aging treatment, comfort and aromatherapy.

The bio cellulose mask Ambiance soothes, hydrates and nourish skin by carrying benecial ingredients in form of plant extracts into the skin during the application.
Moreover, the application of the mask Ambiance is a pleasant aromatherapeutical delight.

What is Bio Cellulose?

Bio cellulose is a natural superfine fiber produced through a biotechnical process by fermentation of coconut jelly with bacteria.

Bio celluloce fibers have a diameter of only 20 nanometer. It is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and 500 times finer than general plant cellulose.

Advantages of Bio Cellulose

Bio cellulose has several advantage properties, which make it a very demanding stuff for the use in advanced skin care:

  • Bio cellulose is a extremely hydrophilic stuff. The absorptive power of the bio cellulose is 10 times stronger compared to general pulp, it has capacity to hold up to 100 times their dry weight
  • Bio cellulose can both absorb and donate moisture
  • Bio cellulose is a natural stuff, absolutely safe and toxin free
  • Bio cellulose fibers are tightly intertwined, therefore bio cellulose is a incredibly strong and resilient material
  • Bio cellulose has a pleasant cooling texture

Bio cellulose mask Ambiance Vivasan advantages

Due to the above mentioned features of bio cellulose, bio cellulose face masks have several advantages compared to traditional masks.

Bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan have a much higher level of hydration then that of conventional masks. Bio cellulose masks Ambiance by Vivasan instantly hydrate skin and do not dry out during application.

Bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan have excellent adhesion and fit perfectly onto the skin  due to the ultrafine fiber diameter. When traditional masks are ofter too thick, do not fit well into the curves of the face.

Bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan are more effective compare to traditional mask. The better fitting make a more effective barrier between the skin and the air. As a result of the increased air pressure, the active ingredients and plant exctracts penetrates more deeper in the skin layers than conventional masks.

Bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan are enriched with the fabulous combinations of the aromatical plant extracts, giving a skin care sensation similar to that of experiencing a spa massage. Application of the masks provides an advanced anti-aging treatment: skin hydration, nouriching, tightning and firmation of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan have a nice and fresh cooling effect.
  • It is easy to use bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan. They are non messy, non sticky and breathable.
  • Bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan come in durable foil packets, they are travel friendly and can be used for all types of skin.
  • The masks are of cause free from any chemical and synthetic ingredient, conservatives, paraben and are clinically proven.

Bio cellulose masks Ambiance Vivasan Bio cellulose masks Ambiance by Vivasan Switzerland – Hydrating, Soothing, Nourishing, Brightening, Anti-ageing, Aromatherapeutical.


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