Viva Aroma Honey Vivasan

Aroma Honey Vivasan – add extra flavour to honey

Just add “a little something”- bright sparkly flavors and the result will for sure surpass expectations.

Honey with essential oils from Vivasan can be used for flavoring tea, coffee, cream, and more.

You can also make an instant tea with the Aroma Honey: just add a spoon of aroma honey to a cup of hot water.
It is very easy and practical for those in time pressure.

Aroma Honey Vivasan – Recipe:

½ cup of honey (preferable light honey)
1 drop of essential oil at your choice.

Stir well.

Aroma Honey Vivasan – recommended Vivasan oils:

mint oil Vivasan, rose oil Vivasan, lavender oil Vivasan, orange oil Vivasan, neroli oil Vivasan

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