Aroma Diffuser Gayana Vivasan

Now you can use your favorite Vivasan essential oils more efficiently with Aroma Diffuser Gayana

It is very easy, simple and safe to use the Aroma Diffuser Gayana.
  • To Purify the air
  • To Reduce dust in the air
  • To Spread Vivasan essential oils quickly in a room
  • To Maintain Vivasan oil’s quality and effectiveness
  • To Distribute the entire scent
  • To feel good.

All this is what you get with the Aroma diffuser Gayana.

It is developed by Vivasan and named after Gayana, who is the wife of Thomas Göttfried, the president and founder of Vivasan.

The advantages of using the Aromatiser diffuser Gayana

Aroma diffuser Gayana preserves quality of the essential oils.
Candle burners and electric burners use heat to evaporate the oils which fractionated the oils, which drives off the lighter components first leaving the heavier base components in the bowl. Moreover some valuable ingredients may be destroyed by heating.
The Aromatiser diffuser all of the essential oil, with no fractionation and keeping essential oils quality.

Aroma diffuser Gayan may be used for the fragrance of large indoor areas. Candle or electric burners, are only suitable for quite small areas.

More economical than candle burners.
Compared to candle burners the Aromatiser itself may cost more, yet only takes not much of electricity per week to operate.
Candle burners, which use the heat of a candle to evaporate essential oils, maybe cheaper, still the total cost of candles will be very high.

Aroma diffuser Gayana because of its unique features and the large areas that can be covered, is popular with many health care institutions, clinics, hotels, spa salons, nursing home and offices.

See videopresentation of the Aroma Diffuser Gayana 

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