Pure essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Application of essential oils  are different. Here are the basics to consider when choosing the most effective ways of applying essential oils Vivasan.

– Inhalation


A diffuser disperses efficiently a fine mist of essential oils, which fills a room in a few minutes.

The advantage of the diffuser is that it disperses the oil without burning, which may cause the oil to lose much of its therapeutic benefits.

Diffusion of essential oils is used to purify the air, reducing bacteria, fungus, mold, as well as unpleasant smell. Diffusion of certain oils improves concentration, increases mental clarity, helps in weight management and more.


Put several drops of preferred essential oils on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale. This method gives a very fast absorption of the oils and the benefits can be seen almost immediately.


essential oils smell



Add a few drops of essential oils into the washing machine or dishwasher to help improve disinfection and to freshen. Especially lemon, orange, peppermint, lavender and rosewood oils are advisable.


Home made perfume and eau de cologne with pure Vivasan oils is healthy alternatives to synthetic fragrances & deodorants.

Experiment with different blends to customize your own personal fragrance.

Base oil Perfume Recipe:

20-50 drops of a blend of essential oils

50 ml of a base oil (Jojoba oil or Avocado oil Vivasan).

Blend essential oils in the base oil and store in an dark-colored glass container.


essential oils perfume


– Application to the skin:



Probably the most popular method of aromatherapy application is massage. Remember that almost no essential oil should be applied undiluted to the skin.
Mix 3-4 drops of essential oil (choose the oil with the desired benefits) with ½ teaspoon of a massage/base oil.

Recommended dilutions for massage oils:

For infants and young children:
1 – 5 drops of essential oil per 50 ml base/massage oil

For adults:
10-15 drops of essential oil per 50 ml base/massage oil


methods of application of essential oils



Dilute 1-3 drops essential oil with the desired benefits with a base/massage oil. Rub on the desired location.

A few oils that are suitable for direct application without dilution, depend on the oil (lavender, tea tree with kanuka and manuka, neroli, indian incense), still it depends of the skin sensitivity at that location. Cover with a hot, damp towel. Let it rest for 10-30 minutes.


Add 2-3 drops of the preferable essential oil to a shower gel or shampoo (50 ml). Shake the bottle to disperse evenly.


Very effective implementation of essential oils for the face and body care:

Depending of the combination of the essential oils, aroma oils, creams and lotions may balance sebum production, slow aging of skin, enhance wound healing, improve tone of skin, aid the process of detoxification in the skin, soften the skin and much more.

Facial oil, cream and lotion dilution rates (for adults):
– Sensitive skin: 5-8 drops per 50 ml
– Normal, healthy, oily skin: 15 – 20 drops per 50 ml


Aroma bath / aromatherapy bath is one of the most popular ways to use essential oils. Aroma baths are useful to reduce stress, alleviate muscular tension, stimulate blood circulation, enhance lymph circulation and to soothe mental or physical fatigue.


methods of application of essential oils


Add 2 – 12 drops (depending on essential oil and expected effect) into a teaspoon of base oil, honey, cream, or whole milk, then add to bath once you are in the bath. Soak yourself for at least 20 minutes.


If possible, close your eyes and lean back in the tub. Create a calm and enjoyable environment with soft music and dim lights.


Ingestion (swallowing)

For internal use one can add oils to food for flavor, put on a piece of sugar / bread, dissolve in plant oil.

Note that essential oils given by mouth is regarded as a medical treatment (medical aromatherapy) and must be done under the supervision of specially trained physicians (aromatologists).

For more information contact Vivasan Academy aromatherapists >

The ingestion of essential oils is not common practice in many countries. Currently medical aromatherapy is most commonly used in France.





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