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Ambiance – Unisex perfumes – for both men and women

The phenomenon Unisex Perfume was launched in 1994 by Calvin Klein. Unisex perfumes have feminine notes as well as masculine notes. They are never too sweet or flowery, incredibly delicate and sexy. Unisex perfumes is used to connect diversities, to strengthen personalities and moods.

In 2015 Vivasan introduced the Unisex Fragrance AMBIANCE by famous Michael Förster.

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AMBIANCE Collection of emotions and fragrances.
Ambiance – Unisex perfumes


Eau Vegetal Ambiance

Combines juicy notes of citrus oils as lemon, mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit. Floral notes of jasmine and lotus – some sensual notes. This fresh ”forever young” sensational fragrance is ideal for the morning time, for spring and summer.

Wear Eau Vegetal Ambiance fragrance at work, in the sports club and during travel.

 Eau Vegetal Ambiance fragrance suits young active and attractive women, who want to emphasize their youthfulness, beauty and sensuality.  Eau Vegetal Ambiance exceptionally fragrance is suited to young, confident, athletic men who love an active lifestyle, adventure and challenge.


Passion Orange Ambiance

Fruity flowers, sweet and colorful, sensual and enjoyable smell of endless happiness. Softly hints of cedar and musk make the fragrance uber-sexy.

Wear Passion Orange Ambiance to spread your happiness and attractiveness all year round.

Bright, expressive and stunning women appreciate the Passion Orange fragrance. Ideal for the attractive, charismatic and open-minded men.


Oud Lounge Ambiance

Soft amber layered with deep, strong clove, rich vanilla, some fresh citrus blossoms, pleasant saffron, making the fragrance extremely soft and powerful.

Wear Oud Lounge Ambiance when you need strength and peace.Best for the winter time and warm summer nights.

Ideal for the elegant and glamorous woman who openly declare here attractiveness and sexuality. Ideal for the strong, confident, successful, honest man who knows his own worth and who wish to emphasize his dignity.


Without Ambiance

Rich, potent, pleasant and very spicy. Incredible and fabulous scent with depth and complexity. Ideal for the creative person, to those who know to enjoy life.

Wear Without Ambiance by the mood. Ideal all year round, especially in summer and winter in the daytime.

For the emotional and original women, who want to emphasize themselves in an  extraordinary way. For creative men, giving more confidence, inspiration and attractiveness.
 perfume designer Michael Förster with Vivasan distributers

The famous perfume designer Michael Förster with Vivasan distributers at the seminar. 22 May 2016, Riga Latvia


AMBIANCE – Designed by Michael Förster for VIVASAN

AMBIANCE – Luxury from Switzerland


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