Viva Aroma whipped cream

15 Dec 15
Viva Aroma whipped cream – Extremely simple and popular dessert.  Impress your family and your friends with tasteful aromatic whipped cream. Whipped cream with essential oils Vivasan can adorn any dessert. ...

Essentian oils Vivasan for cooking

19 Aug 15
Essentian oils Vivasan for cooking Cooking with essential oils it is easy, creative an exiting process. Essential oils Vivasan may be used for cooking, instead of fresh or dried spices and ...

Viva Aroma Honey Vivasan

1 Jul 15
Viva Aroma Honey Vivasan Aroma Honey Vivasan – add extra flavour to honey Just add “a little something”- bright sparkly flavors and the result will for sure surpass expectations. Honey with ...

Make your home smell like Christmas with Vivasan

24 Dec 14