Viva PYH Gelpells VIVASAN

3 Jun 16
Viva PYH Gelpells VIVASAN – Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow.’ Heart health is one of major concern for millions of people, who are regularly taking ...

FAQ – stem cells

19 Feb 16
Why use extracts from plant stem cells and not typical plant extracts as in usual practice? The alpine rose plant is a popular, well known plant, which is registered in the ...


30 Oct 15
GELPELLS VIVASAN Gelpells – a unique and promising form of dietary supplements –  nutrient pellets from gelatin Gelpells are round, 0.8 to 2.0 mm in size perls with a shiny surface. Gelpells ...


24 May 15
Bio Cellulose mask is a New Generation skin care product Bio cellulose face mask is one of the most popular trends in cosmeceuticals and skin care Recently a lot of researches ...


19 Jun 13

FAQ – ingredients

3 May 13
Other companies claim to content the same ingredients. Why should I choose products from Vivasan? – The amount of the active ingredients in the product matters. Check the ingredient list on the ...

Questions & answers: Acerola Vivasan

20 Apr 13
I am a 5th and final year pharmacy student in University. I am doing research for my master’s degree on natural or seminatural sourced ascorbic acid dietary supplements. I analyzed one ...