Aroma Diffuser Gayana Vivasan

6 May 16
Vivasan Academy presents the Aroma Diffuser Gayana Now you can use your favorite Vivasan essential oils more efficiently with Aroma Diffuser Gayana To Purify the air To Reduce dust in the air ...

Viva Aroma whipped cream

15 Dec 15
Viva Aroma whipped cream – Extremely simple and popular dessert.  Impress your family and your friends with tasteful aromatic whipped cream. Whipped cream with essential oils Vivasan can adorn any dessert. ...

Make your home smell like Christmas with Vivasan

24 Dec 14


30 Sep 14
Base or carrier oils are also referred to as ‘fixed’ oils. Base oils will not evaporate and they are perfectly suited for the addition of essential oils. Base/carrier oils are widely ...


3 Sep 14


26 Mar 14
Essential oils are wonderful to use alone, however by blending oils one can create very special exciting scents and increase the benefits of the therapeutic properties of each oil. BLENDING TIPS ...


3 Apr 13
Essential oils are the plants fragrant components, containing more than 100 different chemical ingredients. All essential oils are highly concentrated substances. Essential oils are highly volatile and evaporate easily. Essential oils ...