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Business Seminar Vivasan, 5.-6. Aprl. 2014
Vivasan in Denmark – Vivasan the world happiest country


Place: Aarhus, DenamrkHotel Scandic

Lecturer: company president Thomas Göttfried.

The main topics of the seminar:

  • Presentation of the Vivasan business system
  • Presentation of the company Vivasan,
    prospects for the company
  • Core business, manufacturing and marketing company
  • VIVASAN products, novelties
  • Recommendations and tips

At the end of the seminar will be a discussion where you personally can ask questions to the president.

 Registration for the seminar Vivasan will be held from 5 to 15 March 2014.

When registering please state:

  • If you need additional hotel accommodation
  • working language of the participants (if the participants do not speak the main languages ​​of the seminar: German, Russian and Danish)
  • if you have any special preferences for menu (as a food allergy, gluten immunity, vegetarianism, etc.)


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Business Seminar VIVASAN in Denmark >>>