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  • Network Marketing – is rather strangearguments!
A large part of the world economy distributes products via network marketing:
–  50 percent of all goods and services in the United States are distributed by the MLM industry.
–  In Japan the figure is 90 percent. Therefore Japan is number one in the world in development of the network marketing industry.
–  Sales in MLM companies in Europe is more than $ 20 billion. In Russia alone about $ 3 billion.
– 125 countries have network marketing companies
– U.S. economists have predicted that in 30 years 70 percent of all companies in the world will apply the concept of network marketing.
  • Vivasan products are expensive!

What do you mean by high prices? With what products do you compare our products?

If you are considering the quality and effectiveness of products from VIVASAN, you just understand that the company VIVASAN offers very good value for money.

  • There are a lot of different products, why VIVASAN?

You are absolutely right, there are a lot of products on the market, and therefore it is difficult for clients to find suitable products. When talking about VIVASAN products, then you should know that everything – from plantations and production to sales – are in the same hands. Thus, VIVASAN can guarantee the quality that customers expect from us.

  • I can not afford it

I understand that. Therefore, it would be very interesting for you to participate in VIVASAN event-presentation or in Viva Party. It is free to participate. Just listen to what we will tell you in a calm environment.

  • I have no time

Of course, I understand that you are very busy. Maybe you could look in your calendar when you might find the time? A visit to the club or participating in VIVASAN events and Viva Party is free.

  • I have heard that aromatherapy and supplements are just cheating, it does not work.

Thanks for your comment, yes, and the truth is that there are many companies that offer products which do not have the properties that they promise the customer. Dietary supplements and aromatherapy can certainly not replace medicine. They exist to prevent disease. Since our products are certified with GMP and even controlled by the Swiss government oversight institution, can we be sure that the product meets the specified properties.

  • You can not make money through direct sales

This argument is often heard. It is important that a person who is interested in network marketing is testing products. On the bad products you can not earn anything. The second thing to find out for the person concerned is how much money he has to invest if he wants to join the company. If registration fees are very high, and if the consultant has to make a monthly minimum turnover, the chances of making money in this company are  low.

It is in these aspects that VIVASAN is different from other companies.

Vivasan is very liberal and has NO compulsion.