Network Marketing = Relationship Marketing

Network Marketing or also known as referral or word of mouth marketing is not a new industry. Network marketing is also known as relationship marketing.

Network or relationship marketing can be explained in a simply way :
Recommending and promoting what you like.” That’s it.

Everyone already does network marketing everyday.

We all recommend and promote many things to our friends, family and acquaintances. This is just part of the human experience. We have a natural urge as humans to share our favorite food recipes, movies, hair salon, business resources, products, music and our ideas.

Here is a quick example. You see an ad in your local paper for a new restaurant opening. You go,  have a fantastic meal, and then you want to tell all your friends how wonderful the food was in detail.

That was network marketing. Now, the restaurant owner appreciated all of your word-of-mouth advertising. He would like to reward you, but he has already spent his entire marketing budget on advertising.

So, when you return to his restaurant, he gives you a bottle of wine or a free desert with your next meal as a “thank you” for bringing more customers to his restaurant.

We ALL recommend movies, books, baby sitters, doctors, cars and more. We all do network marketing every day, however… some people actually get paid for it.

There are millions of people a day joining any number of Network Marketing companies world-wide. In this video below, you will discover why network marketing is considered the home business opportunity of the 21st century.

Network Marketing = Relationship Marketing in numbers:

  • has been around for more than 100 years
  • currently it is a $118 billion+ industry
  • with more than 60+ million people world-wide who participate.

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