Vivasan Business System > List of 1000 “no”

Collect 1000 “no” and you will be a leader of a major marketing structure of VIVASAN.


  •  Why?

Collecting negative response has a positive effect, because you get personal experience.

Who has collected only 20 “no”, he has not yet begun to build a business of VIVASAN.

  •  How?

At each presentation of VIVASAN where you get a rejection notice on your list is a “no.”

At each “no” ask yourself: Did I present VIVASAN good enough or what can I do differently?

  •  Purpose

With this list, you control yourself by checking out your activity. The more “no” you get, the more you are acting, the more experience you get.


You will achieve a time when you start getting less and less “no” when you have got to be a professional consultant in VIVASAN. So try to keep all members of your organization who want to earn money by working on this list!