Vivasan Business System > List of 100 friends and acquaintances

  • Every business needs organization and strategy. To get success you must also be organized and have a strategy plan and objectives.
  • Think of all your family and friends with whom you communicate in a lifetime.
  • Write down all the names without a preliminary assessment of the person.
  • Write down all the names you remember on a piece of paper.
  • Contact them through visits or by phone. Note their reaction response.
  • Start with the people you are most sure about that they are interested.


Make a list of 100 friends and relatives, as shown here.

  • Make brief notes on the outcome of a conversation with your mate.
  • Never forget to ask the question if you do not have the interest.
  • If the person refuses, it does not mean that you have lost it!
  • Get in touch with him/her again in three or four months.
  • Try to make sure that all consultants in your structure, who want to make money with VIVASAN worked on this list.
  • Control your list!