FAQ – perfumes Ambiance

26 Mar 16
Why is the price of the perfumes Ambiance lower than other perfumes brands designed by Michael Förster? Vivasan sells perfumes ambiance, as well as all other products, directly to our customers, ...

FAQ – stem cells

19 Feb 16
Why use extracts from plant stem cells and not typical plant extracts as in usual practice? The alpine rose plant is a popular, well known plant, which is registered in the ...


14 Oct 14
 – Can grey hair be coloured well with Sanotint classic? Yes, Sanotint classic colours gives total grey coverage from your first session.

FAQ – haircare

3 Aug 14
– What is the difference between Sanotint Balsam and Sanotint Silk mask? Which product should I use? I am coloring my hair with Sanotint hair colors. Sanotint Silk Masque /Sanotint Mancheta Seta is an ...

FAQ – ingredients

3 May 13
Other companies claim to content the same ingredients. Why should I choose products from Vivasan? – The amount of the active ingredients in the product matters. Check the ingredient list on the ...

Questions & answers: Acerola Vivasan

20 Apr 13
I am a 5th and final year pharmacy student in University. I am doing research for my master’s degree on natural or seminatural sourced ascorbic acid dietary supplements. I analyzed one ...

Questions and answer: sensitive skin

3 May 12
– I have sensitive skin and rosacea (now nearly controlled). I´m 36 years old. I am very interested in the natural products that you have. I would like to know which products of your ...