Aroma Diffuser Gayana Vivasan

6 May 16
Vivasan Academy presents the Aroma Diffuser Gayana Now you can use your favorite Vivasan essential oils more efficiently with Aroma Diffuser Gayana To Purify the air To Reduce dust in the air ...

FAQ – perfumes Ambiance

26 Mar 16
Why is the price of the perfumes Ambiance lower than other perfumes brands designed by Michael Förster? Vivasan sells perfumes ambiance, as well as all other products, directly to our customers, ...

Viva Aroma whipped cream

15 Dec 15
Viva Aroma whipped cream – Extremely simple and popular dessert.  Impress your family and your friends with tasteful aromatic whipped cream. Whipped cream with essential oils Vivasan can adorn any dessert. ...

Peruvian Carrot Salad Viva Peru

6 Nov 15
Peruvian Carrot Salad Viva Peru is one of the easiest dishes to prepare, as well as being very tasty. Peruvian carrot salad Viva Peru is very impressive, colorful and create a ...


30 Oct 15
GELPELLS VIVASAN Gelpells – a unique and promising form of dietary supplements –  nutrient pellets from gelatin Gelpells are round, 0.8 to 2.0 mm in size perls with a shiny surface. Gelpells ...

Viva Aroma salad dressing

30 Oct 15
Viva Aroma salad dressing – Making aromatic salad dressing is easy and the taste is wonderful. Prepare your own gourmet salad dressing with Vivasan Impress your family and your friends with ...

Essentian oils Vivasan for cooking

19 Aug 15
Essentian oils Vivasan for cooking Cooking with essential oils it is easy, creative an exiting process. Essential oils Vivasan may be used for cooking, instead of fresh or dried spices and ...

Ambiance – Unisex perfumes

14 Aug 15
Ambiance perfume & fragrances from VIVASAN Ambiance – Unisex perfumes – for both men and women The phenomenon Unisex Perfume was launched in 1994 by Calvin Klein. Unisex perfumes have feminine notes ...

Cooking with essential oils

8 Aug 15
Cooking and essential oils. Cooking with essential oils is it is exciting! Essential oils are mostly associated with aromatherapy, spa and massage. Still essential oils are widely used in the food industry ...

Viva Aroma Honey Vivasan

1 Jul 15
Viva Aroma Honey Vivasan Aroma Honey Vivasan – add extra flavour to honey Just add “a little something”- bright sparkly flavors and the result will for sure surpass expectations. Honey with ...


24 May 15
Bio Cellulose mask is a New Generation skin care product Bio cellulose face mask is one of the most popular trends in cosmeceuticals and skin care Recently a lot of researches ...

Make your home smell like Christmas with Vivasan

24 Dec 14


14 Oct 14
 – Can grey hair be coloured well with Sanotint classic? Yes, Sanotint classic colours gives total grey coverage from your first session.


30 Sep 14
Base or carrier oils are also referred to as ‘fixed’ oils. Base oils will not evaporate and they are perfectly suited for the addition of essential oils. Base/carrier oils are widely ...


3 Sep 14

FAQ – haircare

3 Aug 14
– What is the difference between Sanotint Balsam and Sanotint Silk mask? Which product should I use? I am coloring my hair with Sanotint hair colors. Sanotint Silk Masque /Sanotint Mancheta Seta is an ...

Sun delight and Vivasan’s safety

20 May 14


26 Mar 14
Essential oils are wonderful to use alone, however by blending oils one can create very special exciting scents and increase the benefits of the therapeutic properties of each oil. BLENDING TIPS ...


15 Mar 14

Direct sales is a growing industry

20 Oct 13
What is Direct Sales? Direct sales is the sale of a product/service through independent sales representatives (also called as consultants, distributors or other titles). Direct sales people are not employees of ...

Pyramid Scheme vs MLM

20 Sep 13
Network marketing (Multi Level Marketing companies, or MLM) should not be confused with Pyramid Selling. The difference between legitimate Direct Selling Companies and illegal pyramid schemes: A pyramid scheme It is an ...


16 Sep 13


19 Jun 13

FAQ – ingredients

3 May 13
Other companies claim to content the same ingredients. Why should I choose products from Vivasan? – The amount of the active ingredients in the product matters. Check the ingredient list on the ...

Questions & answers: Acerola Vivasan

20 Apr 13
I am a 5th and final year pharmacy student in University. I am doing research for my master’s degree on natural or seminatural sourced ascorbic acid dietary supplements. I analyzed one ...


3 Apr 13
Essential oils are the plants fragrant components, containing more than 100 different chemical ingredients. All essential oils are highly concentrated substances. Essential oils are highly volatile and evaporate easily. Essential oils ...

Network Marketing

2 Mar 13
Network Marketing = Relationship Marketing Network Marketing or also known as referral or word of mouth marketing is not a new industry. Network marketing is also known as relationship marketing. Network or ...

The 21st-Century Career: Direct Selling

23 Feb 13
More and more people are abandoning the corporate world and are going into business for themselves as independent entrepreneurs or distributors. Millions of people are involved in the direct selling business. People ...

Questions and answer: sensitive skin

3 May 12
– I have sensitive skin and rosacea (now nearly controlled). I´m 36 years old. I am very interested in the natural products that you have. I would like to know which products of your ...